中国银行 2014 综合(英语)

第一部分  英语能力测试 考试时间:60分钟

一、 填入选择题

1.There has been a lot of _______ prejudice in American .

  A) realistic

  B) racial

  C) recycled

  D) rebellious

2.He is an incurable idealist; it's unlike to help him come down to earth and be more _______.

  A) realistic

  B) racial

  C) recycled

  D) rebellious

3. The relations between my mother and brother were getting worse as my brother grew older and more ______ .

  A) realistic

  B) racial

  C) recycled

  D) rebellious

4. Ecological vehicles are made of materials that can be easily _______ once they are dumped.

  A) realistic

  B) racial

  C) recycled

  D) rebellious

5.Tom goes to that pub every night to have a bottle of beer. He is a _______ customer.

  A) reliable

  B) regular

  C) reluctant

  D) religious












6.To keep health, we have to keep _______ hours.

  A) reliable

  B) regular

  C) reluctant

  D) religious

7.Friends might not be always trust-worthy, but dogs are; they have long been regarded as the most _______ company of human beings.

  A) reliable

  B) regular

  C) reluctant

  D) religious

8.Christmas is not just a _______ holiday now. People other than Christians also celebrate it.

  A) reliable

  B) regular

  C) reluctant

  D) religious

9.Although he is in financial difficulties, he is _______ to accept my offer of the loan of twenty thousand dollars.

  A) reliable

  B) regular

  C) reluctant

  D) religious

10.After the mutiny, the captain of the merchant ship was left behind in some _______ island in the Pacific Ocean.

  A) residential

  B) remote

  C) risky

  D) ridiculous













11.The factory must be torn down because it is not allowed in _______ area.

  A) residential

  B) remote

  C) risky

  D) ridiculous

12.The cowboy looked ________ in that strange-looking hat.

  A) residential

  B) remote

  C) risky

  D) ridiculous

13. It's too ______ to do the bungee jumping from the cliff.

  A) residential

  B) remote

  C) risky

  D) ridiculous

14.Don't believe him. What he said just now was _______.

  A) sacred

  B) rubbish

  C) secret

  D) satisfied

15. Both the Bible and the Koran are regarded as ________ books.

  A) sacred

  B) rubbish

  C) secret

  D) satisfied









15.「圣经」与 「可兰经」都被视为圣书。



16. The teacher was not ________ with my history report. She asked me to rewrite it.

  A) sacred

  B) rubbish

  C) secret

  D) satisfied

17. Tom loves his English teacher but dare not tell her the truth. He is a ________ admirer of her.

  A) sacred

  B) rubbish

  C) secret

  D) satisfied

18.Tim doesn't like to eat beef, so his wife _______ makes steak.

  A) self-evident

  B) seldom

  C) sentimental

  D) sensitive

19. The need for reform was ________ . No wonder a large number of people came up with their opinions.

  A) self-evident

  B) seldom

  C) sentimental

  D) sensitive

20. Mr. White always wears sunglasses because his eyes are ________ to light.

  A) self-evident

  B) seldom

  C) sentimental

  D) sensitive  












21. Why are you so ________ about that old coat? Although it is a gift from you grandfather, it is almost worn out.

  A) self-evident

  B) seldom

  C) sentimental

  D) sensitive

22. My mother tells me to keep meat ________ from other food in the refrigerator.

  A) separated

  B) separate

  C) significant

  D) severe

23. These two brothers had been ________ for 40 years before they met again last week.

  A) separated

  B) separate

  C) significant

  D) severe

24. She is absent from school today because she is suffering from a ________ toothache.

  A) separated

  B) separate

  C) significant

  D) severe

25. Albert Einstein, the author of the Theory of Relativity, made a ________ contribution to physics in the twentieth century. .

  A) separated

  B) separate

  C) significant

  D) severe












26. She seldom plays basketball, so she isn't ________ at playing it.

  A) sociable

  B) skillfull

  C) specializing

  D) social

27.Jane just moved here, and she tried to be ________ to everyone, being friendly ; and willing to talk to others.

  A) sociable

  B) skillfull

  C) specializing

  D) social

28.Because of his poor ______ skills, Nick has very few friends.

  A) sociable

  B) skillfull

  C) specializing

  D) social

29. She married a man ________ in mechanical engineering.

  A) sociable

  B) skillfull

  C) specializing

  D) social

30. Your explanation is too general to understand; you should try to be more ________.

  A) spiritual

  B) specific

  C) strict

  D) stressed












31. The Pope is the ________ leader of the Catholics.

  A) spiritual

  B) specific

  C) strict

  D) stressed

32. After a tiring day, I felt ________ out.

  A) spiritual

  B) specific

  C) strict

  D) stressed

33. The ________ teacher punishes his students when they don't do their homework or talk in class.

  A) spiritual

  B) specific

  C) strict

  D) stressed

34. He was set free because the police didn't get ________ evidence to convict him.

  A) suitable

  B) sufficient

  C) suspicious

  D) superstitious

35. The young couple rent a small apartment ________ for a family with two kids.

  A) suitable

  B) sufficient

  C) suspicious

  D) superstitious












36. Hindus think bathing in the Ganges can purify their souls. Are they religious or ________ ?

  A) suitable

  B) sufficient

  C) suspicious

  D) superstitious

37. The manager is ______ of the new employee.

  A) suitable

  B) sufficient

  C) suspicious

  D) superstitious

38. He is an enthusiastic person, but too much enthusiasm from him made me ________ of his motive.

  A) sweltering

  B) suspicious

  C) sympathetic

  D) swollen

39. To make both ends meet, the farmers were working hard under the ________ sky.

  A) sweltering

  B) suspicious

  C) sympathetic

  D) swollen

40. The boy's eyes were red and ________ from crying too long.

  A) sweltering

  B) suspicious

  C) sympathetic

D) swollen 













Questions 1-3 refer to the following e-mail.

From: Brad Taylor

To: Arlene Petronos

Subject: Book reviews

Date: Thurs, Nov 22 2007

Dear Ms. Petronos,

Allow me to congratulate you again on becoming part of our online magazine writing team. As you

learned in an earlier communication, you will be writing reviews of recently published non-fiction


By Monday next week, you will receive your ------- assignment parcel, which will contain copies of the

1. (A) almost

(B) late

(C) first

(D) last

publications on your assignment list. Instructions for submitting the first draft of each review, in

addition to information on the formation of a peer critique group for your work, ------- on our Web site.

2. (A) is locating

(B) locate

(C) located

(D) are located

Essentially, you will be posting your work on our non-fiction book review board, which you can access

only with an administration-approved user name and password. Since you need a password to log in,

your ------- password is: crimson. You can change this password for your convenience after you have

3. (A) temporary

(B) approximate

(C) previous

(D) permanent

logged on to the site.

Welcome again, and we look forward to working with you!


C D A 


Questions 4-6 refer to the following letter.

August 21, 2007


11509 Westmont Street

West Los Angeles, CA

90025, USA

Dear Mr. Chaney,

I would like to thank you for meeting with me last Monday. I certainly ------- the chance to talk about

4. (A) appreciating

(B) appreciated

(C) was appreciated

(D) will appreciate

career possibilities with someone who has been in the medical technology industry for so many years.

I am particularly grateful that you have offered to give me your insights on tie-ups between

manufacturers and medical institutions. As you are aware, I am most interested in enhancing my

research skills for a well-established, ------- manufacturer that produces equipment for hospitals and

5. (A) reputably

(B) reputable

(C) repute

(D) reputation

institutions that specialize in cardio-pulmonary health care.

In the long-term, I would like to establish a system that would provide the latest technology as well as

the new information that assists doctors in improving the quality of life of their patients. This is the

reason I would like to work for companies that value -------.

6. (A) association

(B) commerce

(C) routine

(D) innovation

Thank you once again for your offer of assistance, and I do look forward to our future discussions.




Questions 7-9 refer to the following letter.

July 22, 2008


Customer Service Department

Americana Airlines

West Los Angeles, CA

90025, USA

Dear Mr. Moore,

On July 15, I ------- AMA flight #701 from San Francisco to Los Angeles. I have no complaint about the

7. (A) take

(B) will take

(C) have taken

(D) took

trip itself; it was very comfortable. However, I was very ------- when I arrived at the airport and

8. (A) prepared

(B) disappointed

(C) informed

(D) confirmed

discovered that my baggage had been lost. I didn’t have any choice but to wait at the airport for five

hours while your employees tried to trace the whereabouts of my baggage. I left the airport without my

belongings as I had an important meeting to attend.

It has been one week, and I have not been contacted regarding my baggage. For this reason, I strongly

feel that I should be compensated for the items that were lost. I hope to hear from your office -------

9. (A) within

(B) from

(C) since

(D) near

the week.

Sincerely yours,





Questions 10-12 refer to the following article.

June 14, Bangkok — There has been a growing number of online orders for American products in

Central and Southeast Asia. Thus, in response to the -------, America’s biggest online shopping site

10. (A) declaration

(B) difficulty

(C) increase

(D) contract

Amaze-Mart has announced plans to set up additional online stores in key cities in Asia, beginning

with Bangkok.

The Seattle-based electronic commerce firm currently ------- its online stores from the US, Canada and

11. (A) functions

(B) operates

(C) evaluates

(D) serves

four countries in Europe. The establishment of an online store in Bangkok ------- the need for

12. (A) has eliminated

(B) eliminate

(C) will eliminate

(D) eliminated

customers to pay high international shipping fees when they make orders on the Web site. The

company’s customers in Asia have responded positively to this development.

C B C 


Questions 13-15 refer to the following letter.


Dear Valued customer

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our questionnaire during your stay with us.  We do appreciate hearing from our customers, as their comments are vital _______ us to continue improving our accommodations.





The problems that you _______ have been brought to the attention of our housekeeping department.  While

14.(A)have been mentioned             




the lack of service you experienced is unusual and not the standard of our motel, there is no excuse for a lackadaisical attitude on the part of any of our employees.  We are sorry for the inconvenience and annoyance this incident caused.

Thank you again for your comments.  We hope that you will give us _______ chance to serve you.


(B)other than              





Questions 16-18 refer to the following letter.


With the signing of the_______ contract, we would like to welcome you as a supplier to our company.





We have a high demand for quality and _______ tolerance for error. Based on our research, that also describes your firm.





We are glad to be doing business with you. Jennifer Owens will be your _______ contact for all incoming





materials and orders. If you have a question about payment, contact Ms. Simpson in our accounting office. She will help you sort the matter out. Again, welcome aboard. If there is anything we can do to help facilitate this new relationship, please do not hesitate to ask.





Questions 19-21 refer to the following letter


To Whom It May Concern

I've been Joe Employee’s Manager at XYZ Company since 1997, and even promoted Joe to the role of Senior Software Engineer last year.

Joe has proven to be a _______ employee with excellent communication skills.






He is _______ respected by other members of our team. Joe is a fast learner and has excellent problem solving abilities.






_______ I will be disappointed to lose Joe as an employee, I am happy to recommend him as a solid addition to your company. If you'd like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me at (555) 555-5555.







John Simpson

B B D 


Questions 22-24refer to the following letter.


Dear Mr. Smith:

Just a note to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to interview with your company for the position of loss control specialist. I _______our conversation and feel my experience and education would complement


(B)will enjoy


(D)have been enjoyed

Raymond Kate Associates. I look forward to being able to put my extensive knowledge and experience of working with environmental protection agencies to bring about effective safety programs to your company.

As we discussed I have enclosed 3 letters of recommendation _______ my professional acquaintances.





_______, I am also enclosing some of the safety programs I designed so you can see first hand the type of work I am capable of performing to bring about the successful safety programs the government requires



(C)In addition

(D)As well as

in organizations today.

Again, thank you for your time. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Bill J. Doe




三、阅读理解 -- Job Profile

Job: Architect (entry level)

Duties associated with this job include: Data compilation, design computation, and elementary architectural assignments.

Possible duties: Estimate and plan preparation or structure inspection.

Requirements: Bachelor's degree in architecture. No professional experience required.

Base salary range: $30,000 to $50,000 a year.

* data specific to the New York City area

1. What is being offered?

(a) A marketing position

(b) An architect position

(c) A graphic design position

(d) A elementary school teaching position


2.  According to the information, what is true about the job?

(a) It requires a master's degree.

(b) It pays between $50,000 and $80,000 a year.

(c) It is a high level position within a company.

(d) It does not require professional experience

1. B     2. D    


Shopping Center Proposal Worries Residents

Residents of the town of Crowley are worried that the shopping center Hertz Corp. has proposed to build on Burlingham Road will destroy the small town feel of their quiet community. More than 20 residents spoke against the proposal at a town board meeting held on Monday.

“I moved here from the city to escape this kind of development,” said Tyrone Devlin, who lives near the proposed construction site. ”The traffic and crowds this shopping center will bring is exactly what we don't want here.”

The shopping center would be more than 600,000 square feet of commercial space, including a movie theater, department store, family restaurant, and several smaller retail shops.

The town council will vote on the proposal on Monday, March 16 after a thorough environmental evaluation of the construction site is conducted over the weekend.

3.  What is inferred about Crowley?

(a) It is a small community.

(b) It is a popular tourist area.

(c) Its new campaign welcomes investors.

(d) It currently has one major shopping mall

4. According to the news article, what will be included in the shopping center?

(a) A pet store

(b) A movie theater

(c) A sports complex

(d) A roller skating rink.

5. What will happen on Monday, March 16?

(a) A protest will be held.

(b) The city council will vote on a proposal.

(c) An environmental evaluation will be conducted.

(d) The city council will tour the construction site.

 3. A     4. B     5. B     


Owner's Choice Home Insurance

At Owner's Choice, we offer a variety of coverage options for your home through our comprehensive insurance policies. Our goal is to guarantee the protection of your home should you need to file an insurance claim due to damage caused by fire, flood, or burglary.

* You Can Lower Your Insurance Rates

You may already be doing things that could lower the cost of your homeowner's insurance. Owning a number of protective devices such as security systems can lower your insurance premium by up to seven percent.
For more information on policies and a list of ways to lower your insurance payments, visit

6.  What type of insurance is being offered?

(a) Home

(b) Health

(c) Travel

(d) Automobile

7.  What is mentioned as a way for customers to lower insurance payments?

(a) By renovating a home

(b) By owning a security system

(c) By meeting special health requirements

(d) By maintaining an accident-free record.


6. A     7. B     


Study International Business in Beijing with the Excel Business Institute

Program Description

The Excel Business Institute is an accredited international business school affiliated with Chicago's Milford University. The international business program in Beijing is hosted by Zheng Luo University located in the heart of the bustling eastern capital. The year-round study abroad program focuses on three areas: Chinese language and culture, Chinese business and economics, and Chinese business law. Student instruction will be supplemented with business related field trips and guest lectures by CEOs of major Chinese corporations. At the program's completion, internship opportunities in China will be offered to students who have successfully completed the coursework.

Course credit is available through Milford University.

$11,000 (price excludes housing)

Living Arrangements

Once enrolled, students will be given a choice of three housing arrangements: independent living, home-stay, or dormitory.

Application Requirements

All applicants must be majoring in business, economics, or a related field. Applicants must submit two letters of reference, a transcript, an application form, and a recent record of health.

8.  Where does the program take place?

(a) In Taipei

(b) In Beijing

(c) In Shanghai

(d) In Hong Kong

9.  What is NOT a focus of the program?

(a) Politics

(b) Business law

(c) Language and culture

(d) Business and economics.

10.  According to the information, what is available once the program is completed?

(a) A degree

(b) A certificate

(c) A letter of reference

(d) An internship opportunity. 

11.  What document does the application require?

(a) A resume

(b) An essay

(c) A degree

(d) A transcript

8. B  9. A      10. D      

11. D     

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