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第一部分   英语能力测试


一、              单选选择题:


1. If tap water were as dangerous as some people think,         would be getting sick.

A) a lot of more us.           B) more a lot of us

C) a lot of us more            D) a lot more of us

2. Living in the central Australian desert has its problems,      obtaining water is not the least.

A) for which      B) to which       C) of  which         D) in which

3. Which sport has the most expenses          training equipment, players' personal equipment and uniforms ?

A) in place of      B) in terms of      C) by means of      D) by way of

4. They are going to have the serviceman ________an electric fan in the office tomorrow.

A) install          B) to install        C) to be installed      D) installed

5. I'm sure he is up to the job           he would give his mind to it.

A) if only        B) in case            C) until         D) unless

1. D     2. C     3. B       4. A       5. A

1. [译文] 如果自来水象某些人想的那样危险,我们中的许多人都会得病了。


2. [译文] 生活在澳大利亚沙漠中有许多不便,其中获取水还不是最不便的。


3. [译文] 就训练设备、运动员的个人装备和服装而言,哪种运动花费最大?

答案为B。本题是一道词义测试题。in place of/in the place of/in one’s place,意为“代替”;by means of 意为 “凭、依靠。”;by way of 意为 “通过……公式。”;in terms of 意为 “根据,从……方面”。

4. [译文] 他们准备让勤杂工明天在办公室安装一台电扇。

答案为A。本题是一道语法测试题。我们知道使役动词,have、let、make后面的动词不定式作宾语时,应省略to,本句由应有have sb. do sth.故我们选A)项。

5. [译文] 只要他专心去做,我相信他能胜任这项工作。


if only 意为“只要”,是复合从属连词,引导条件状语从句,类似as long as。until 可作连词也可作介词,意为“到……为止”。in case 意为“如果,万一”,后跟虚拟语气。unless 意为“除非,如果不”。


6. The car halfway for_______ no reason.

A) broke off      B) broke down        C) broke up      D) broke out

7. The newcomers found it impossible to           themselves to the climate sufficiently to make permanent homes in the new country.

A) suit         B) adapt          C) regulate          D) coordinate

8. A           to this problem is expected to be found before long.

A) result       B) response         C) settlement       D) solution

9. You have nothing to          by refusing to listen to our advice.

A) gain            B) grasp      C) seize        D) earn

10. As a result of careless washing, the jacket to a child's size.

A) compressed      B) shrank      C) dropped     D) decreased

6. B     7. B     8. D       9. A       10. B

6. [译文] 不知何因,这车在半路上坏了。

答案为B。本题测试动词短语的搭配。break off 意为“停止、中断说话等,暂时停止”;break down 意为“崩溃、出毛病(机器);break up 意为“破摔,碎裂”;break out 意为“突然发生(战争,疾病等)”。

7. [译文] 这些新来者发现,自己在这个国家要完全适应这种气候以便永久安家是不可能的。

答案为B。本题是一道词汇考查题。suit意为“使满意,适应”,(e.g.),Does the climate suit you?adapt 意为“使适应,改编,改写”,(e.g.)you must adapt yourself to new condition. regulate 意为“调节,标准(仪器,机械)”;coordinate意为“调和,协调”。

8. [译文] 这个问题的解决方法有望在不久后被找到。

答案为D。词汇考查题。result(n.)意为“结果,效果,成绩等”;response 意为“回答,反应”;settlement 意为“(问题的)解答,解决方式或方法”。

9. [译文] 你不听我们的建议将毫无收获。


10. [译文] 由于洗的时候不小心,这件夹克缩到小孩的尺寸了。

答案为C。这是一道近义词辨析题。compress 意为“压缩(便于置于小的空间)”;

shrink意为“(使)收缩、(使)缩(指布漫湿之后收缩),(e.g.)Those jeans will shrink in the wash.. drop 意为“滴下、落下”;decrease 意为“减少、减小”。


11. He hoped the firm would him to the Paris branch.

A) exchange       B) transmit      C) transfer      D) remove

12. Having decided to rent a flat, we ______contacting all the accommodation agencies in the city.

A) set about       B) set down     C) set out        D) set up

13. The relationship between employers and employees has been studied ______.

A) originally    B)extremely      C) violently       D) intensively

14.        their differences, the couple were developing an obvious and genuine affection for each other.

A) But for      B) For all         C) Above all         D) Except for

15. One day I         a newspaper article about the retirement of an English professor at a nearby state college.

A) came across        B) came about         C) came after        D) came at

11. C    12. A    13. D      14. B      15. A

11. [译文] 他希望公司能将他调到巴黎分部。

答案为C。词汇测试题。exchange 意为“交换、调换”;transmit  意为“传播、转送、输送”;transfer  意为“迁移、调动”;remove 意为“排除、消除、搬迁、与”。

12. [译文] 在决定租一套公寓后,我们开始着手联系城里的房屋经纪人。

答案为A。本题测试动词词组的用法。set about 意为“开始、着手”,表示有目的地开始做某事;set down 意为“放下、卸下”,set out to do sth. 表示为某个目的而努力;set out 意为“出发、启程”;set up  意为“竖起建起、搭起”。

13. [译文] 雇主和雇员之间的关系已被做了精密地研究。

答案为D。.词汇测试题。originally 意为“新颖地、独特地”等;extremely 意为“(强度)极端地”;violently 意为“猛烈地、使用暴力地”等;intensively,表示“强烈地、密集地”等。

14. [译文] 尽管这对亲人之间有些性格差异,他们却正形成明显的,真诚的爱情。

答案为B。词义考查题。but for 意为“要不是、要是没有”后面要求用虚拟语气。

for all 意为“虽然、尽管”,(e.g.)For all his wealth,he was not happy。above all 意为“最重要的是”。except for 意为“除……之外”。

15. [译文] 一天我在报纸上偶然发现一篇关于某州大学的一位英语教授的学术报告。

答案为A。这是一道动词词组考查题。come across(sb./sth.),意为“偶然发现/遇见某人”;come about 意为“发生”;come after 意为“跟随”;come at 意为“达到、得到”。


16. She was complaining that the doctor was    __ too much for the treatment he was giving her.

A) expending       B) offering         C) costing       D) charging

17. The manager spoke highly of such       as loyalty, courage and truthfulness shown by his employees.

A) virtues       B) features        C) properties       D) characteristics

18. Since the matter was extremely          , we dealt with it immediately.

A) tough       B) tense           C) urgent          D) instant

19. You don't have to be in such a hurry. I would rather you           on business first.

A) would go         B) will go      C) went        D) have gone

20. When I try to understand          that prevents so many Americans from being as happy as one might expect, it seems to me that there are two causes.

A) why it does        B) what it does        C) what it is       D) why it is

16. D    17. A    18. C      19. C      20. C

16. [译文] 她在抱怨那位医生收费太高。

答案为D。近义词辨析题。expend,意为“花费、耗尽、用量”;offer  意为“提供、提出、出价”;cost  意为“花多少钱”;charge   意为“索价、要价”。

17. [译文] 这位经理高度赞扬了他的员工所表现出的诚实、勇敢、守信等美德。

答案为A。词义辨析题。virtue  意为“优点、美德、好处”;feature  意为“相  、特色、特征、特写、特别督导”等;property  意为“属性、性质”;characteristic 意为“特点、特征、特色”。

18. [译文] 由于事情非常紧迫,我们立刻处理了它。

答案为C。辨析词汇题。tough  意为“坚韧的、坚强的、坚硬的”等;tense   意为“拉紧的、紧张的”;urgent 意为“急迫的”;instant 意为“即刻的、立刻的”。

19. [译文] 你没有必要这么着急。我宁愿你先去上班。

答案为C。结构搭配题。would rather 意为“宁愿、宁可”,后引起虚拟语气的从句,表示对未来推测的一种情况,当后面跟that从句时,谓语动词过去式,故我们可选C)项。

20. [译文] 当我试图认识究竟是使么使得美国人不能像其期望的那么幸福时,在我看来有两个原因。





One of my fondest memories as a child is going by the river and sitting idly(闲散地)on the bank. There I would enjoy the peace and___1___, watch the water ___2__downstream, and listen to the chirps(喳喳声)of the birds and the rustling (沙沙声)of the leaves in the trees. I would  also___3___the bamboo trees___4___under pressure from the wind and watch them ___5____gracefully to their upright or ___6___ position after the wind had___7____. When I think about the bamboo tree’s ___8____to bounce (弹回) back or return to it’s original position, the word resilience(弹性)__ 9___to mind. When used in ___10_____ a person , this word means the ability to readily _11__from shock, depression or any other situation___12____stetches the limits of a person’s emotions. Have you ever felt like you are about to snap(高声喊叫)? Have you ever felt like you are at your __13__point?__14__, you have survived the experience to live to talk about it. During the experience you probably felt a mix of __15____that threatened your health. You felt emotionally drained(耗尽),___16_____ exhausted and you most likely endured(忍受) unpleasant physical symptoms.

   Life is a __17__ of good times and bad times, happy moments and unhappy moments. The next time you are __18___one of those bad times or unhappy moments that take you __19____to your breaking point, bend but don’t break. Try your best not to let the situation get the best of you. A measure of hope will__20__ you through the unpleasant ordeal(严峻的考验).

1.A. quiet  B. beautiful     C. noisy     D. happy

2.A. flow    B. rush     C. go     D. come

3. A. see     B. notice    C. watch   D. look at

4.A. bend    B. swing    C. break   D. tremble

5.A. return   B. recover  C. give   D. fly

6.A. straight  B. original  C. quick  D. necessary

7.A. died from  B. died out C. died down  D. died off

8.A. ability   B. power C. energy  D. strength

9.A. strikes  B. goes   C. appears  D. comes

10.A. preference to  B. conference to C. reference to D. appearance to

11.A. recover  B. calm  C. comfort  D. sink

12.A. where   B. that   C. when  D. in which

13.A. high   B. low   C. breaking   D. returning

14.A.Thankfully B. Hopefully  C. Happily  D. Surprisingly

15.A. senses  B. emotions  C. thoughts  D. minds

16.A. physically  B. mentally  C. patiently  D. fully

17.A. way     B. mixture   C. condition    D. feeling

18.A. experiencing  B. making   C. living  D. meeting

19.A. away  B. far  C. close   D. fast

20.A. bring  B. take  C. make  D. set




1、A. 享受平和与宁静.and是并列连词.

2、B. rush表明downstream的水流之急.

3、C. 注视着竹子的摆动.

4、A. 竹子在风力下弯曲.

5、A. 风后返回原来的位置.

6、B. 初始位置.

7、C. 风逐渐消失.

8、A. 竹子的性能特点.

9、D. come to mind 短语, 意为: 想起.

10、C. refer to 的名词形式.意为: 指…. 涉及…


12、B. situation作现行词在句中作主语,所以选that 而不选where.

13、C. breaking point 意为: 顶点.

14、A. thankfully意为:  幸运的是.

15、B. emotions “情感,感情”

16、B. 依前后关系, 前emotionally情感上地,后physical体力,故选mentally精神上地.

17、B. 人生是快乐时光与不幸时光相互交织的混合体.

18、A. 意为: 经历困难时刻.

19、C. 意为: 使你接近极限.

20、B. take sb through  意为: 使某人熟悉,了解…..



The economy of the United states after 1952 was the econnomy of a well-fed,almost fully employed people. Despit occasional alarms, the country escaped any postwar depression and lived in a state of boom. A n economic survey of the year 1955, a typical year of the 1950’s, may be typical as illustrating the rapid economic growth of the decade. The national output was value at 10 percent above that of 1954 (1955 output was estimated at 392 billion dollars). The production of manufacturers was about 40 percent more than it had averaged in the years immediately following World War 2. The country’s business spent about 30billion dollars for new factories and machinery. National income available for spending was almost a third greater than it had been it had been in 1950. Consumers spent about 256 billion dollars; that is about 700 million dollars a day ,or about twenty-five million dollars every hour , all round the clock. Sixty-five million people held jobs and only a little more than two million wanted jobs but could not find them . Only agriculture complained that it was not sharing in the room. To some observers this was an ominous echo of the mid-1920’s . As farmer’s shre of their products declined , marketing costs rose. But there were , among the observers of the national economy, a few who were not as confident as the majority . Those few seemed to fear that the boom could not last and would eventually lead to the oppsite-depression.

1. What is the best title of the passage?

a. The Agriculatural Trends of 1950’s

b. The Unemployment Rate of 1950’s

c. U.S. Economy in the 50’s

d. The Federal Budget of 1952


2. In Line 4 , the word “boom” could best be replaced by______.

a. nearby explosion

b. thunderous noise

c. general public support

d. rapid economic growth


3. It can be inferred the national from the passage that most people in the United States in 1955 viewed the national economy with an air of _________.

a. confidence

b. confusion

c. disappointment

d. suspicion


4. Which of the following were LEAST satisfied with the national economy in the 1950’s?

a. Economists

b. Frmaers

c. Politicians

d. Steelworkers


5. The passage states that incom available for spending in the U.S. was greater in 1955 than in 1950 . How much was it ?

a. 60%

b. 50%

c. 33%

d. 90%



Women are also underrepresented in the administration and this is because there are so few women full professors. In 1985,Regent Beryl Milburn produced a report blasting the University of Texas System adminitration for not encouraging women.The University was rated among the lowest for the system.In a 1987 update ,Milburn commended the progress that was made and called for even more improvement.

One of the positive results from her study was a System-wide program to inform women of available administrative jobs.

College of Communication Associate Dean Patrica Witherspoon,said it is important that woman be flexible when it comesto relocating if they want to rise in the ranks.

Although a woman may face a chilly climate on campus , many times in order for her to succeed , she must rise above the problems around her and concentrate on her work.

Until women make up a greater percentage of the senior positions in the University and all academia,inequities will exist.

"Women need to spend their energies and time doing scholarly activities that are important here at the University." Spirduso said. "If they do that will be successful in this system.If they spend their time in little groups mourning the sexual discrimination that they think exists here, they are wasting valuable study time."


1.According to Spirduso,women need to ____.

a.produce a report on sexual discrimination

b.call for further improvement in their working conditions

c.spend their energies and time fighting against sexual discrimination

d.spend more time and energy doing scholarly activities


2.From this passage ,we know that _____.

a.there are many women full professors in the University of Texas

b.women play an important part in adminitrating the University

c.the weather on the campus is chilly

d.women make up a small percentage of the senior positions in the University


3.Which of the following statements is true?

a.the number of women professors in the University in 1987 was greater than that of 1985

b.the number of women professors in the University in 1987 was smaller than that of 1985

c.the number of women professors was the same as that of 1985

d.more and more women professors thought that sexual discrimination did exit in the University


4.One of the positive results from Milburn's study was that _____.

a.women were told to con centrate on teir work

b.women were given information about available administrative jobs

c.women were encouraged to take on all the administrative jobs in the Unversity

d.women were encouraged to do more scholarly activities


5. The title for this passage should be _______.

a.The University of Texas

b.Milburn's Report

c.Women Professors

d.Sexual Discrimination in Academia



Today ,as in every other day of the year ,more than 3000 U.S. adlescents will smoke their first cigarette on their way to becoming regular smokers as adults. During their lifetime,it can be expected that of these 3000 about 23 will be murdered,30 will die in traffic accidents, and nearly 750 will be killed by a smoking-related disease. The number of deaths attributed to cigarette smoking outweithts all other factors, whether voluntary or involuntary, as a cause of death.

Since the late 1970s, when daily smoking among high school seniors reached 30 precent , smoking rates among youth have declined . While the decline is impressive ,several important issues must be raised.

First, in the past several years,smoking rates among youth have declined very little. Second,in the late 1970s ,smoking among male high school seniors exceeded that among female by nearly 10 percent . The statistic is reversing.Third ,several recent studies have indicate high school dropouts have excessively high smoking rates, as much as 75 percent .

Finally, thouth significant declines in adolescent smoking have occurred in the past decade,no definite reasons for the decline exist. Within this context,the Naional Cancer Instiute (NCI) began its current effort to determine the most effecive measures to reduce smoking levesl among youth.

1.According to the author, the deaths among youth are mainly caused by _____.

a.traffic accidents

b.smoking-related desease


d.all of these

2.Every day there are over_____high school strdents who will become regular smoker.

a.75 b.23 c.30 d.3000

3.By "dropout" the author means______.

a.students who failed the examination

b.students who left school

c.students who lost their way

d.students who were driven out of school

4.The reason for declining adolescent smoking is that ________.

a.NCI has taken effective measures

b.smoking is prevented among high school seniors

c.there are many smokers who have died of cancer

d.none of these

5.What is implied but not stated by the author is that ________.

a.smoking rates among youth have declined very little

b.there are now more female than male smokers among high school seniors

c.high smoking rates are due to the incease in wealth

d.smoking at high school are from low socio-economic backgrounds



The food we eat seems to have profound effects on our health.Although science has made enormous steps in making food more fit to eat ,it has, at the same time,made many foods unfit to eat. Some research has shown that perhaps eighty percent of all human illnesses are related to diet and forty percent of cancer is related to the diet as well,especially cancer of the colon. Different cultures are more likely to cause certain different illnesses because of the food that is characteristic in these cultures. That food is related to illness is nto a new discovery. In 1945, about 35 years ago, government researchers realized that nitrates, commonly used to preserve color in meats,and other food additivies,caused cancer. Yet, these carcinogenic additives remain in our food, and it becomes more difficult all the time to know which things on the packaging labels of processed food are helpful or harmful. The additives which we eat are not all so direct. Farmers often give penicillin to beef and living animals, and because of this ,penicillin has been found in the milk of treated cow. Sometimes similar drugs are given to animals not for medical purposes,but for financial reasons. The farmers are simply trying to fatten the animals in order to obtain a higher price on the market. Although the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) has tried repeatedly to control these procedures, the practices continue.

1.What is the best possible title of the passage?

a.Drug and Food

b.Cancer and Health

c.Food and Health

d.Health and Drug

2.Which of the following statements is NOT ture?

a.Drugs are always given to animals for medical reasons

b.Some of the additives in our food are added to the food itself and some are given to the living animals

c.Researchers have known about the potential dangers of food additives for over thirty-five years.

d.Food may cause forty percent of cancer in world.

3.How has science done something harmful to mankind?

a.Because of science , diseases caused by polluted food haven been virtually eliminated.

b.It has caused a lack of information concerning the value of food.

c.Because of the application of science,some potentially harmful substances have been added to food.

d.The scientists have preserved the color of meats,but not of vegetables.


4.What are nitrates used for?

a.They preserve flavor in packaged foods.

b.They preserve the color of meats.

c.They are the objects of research.

d.They cause the animals to become fatter.

5.The word 'carcinogenic' most nearly means '_____'.







As the pace of life continues to increase ,we are fast losing the art of relaxation. Once you are in the habit of rushing through lift,being on the go from morning till night, it is hard to slow down. But relaxation is essential for a healthy mind and body.

Stress is an natural part of everyday lift and there is no way to avoid it. In fact ,it is not the bad thing it is often supposed to be .A certain amount of stress is vital to provide motivation adn give purpose to life. It is only when the stress gets out of control that it can lead to poor performance and ill health.

The amount of stress a person can withstand depends very much on the individual. Some people are not afraid of stress,and such characters are obviously prime material for managerial responsibilities. Others lose heart at the first signs of unusual difficulties. When exposed to stress,in whatever form,we react both chemically and physically. In fact we make choice between "fight" or "flight" and in more primitive days the choice made the difference between life or death. The crises we meet today are unlikely to be so extreme,but however little the stress,it involves the same response. It is when such a reaction lasts long,through continued exposure to stress,that health becomes endangered.Such serious conditions as high blood pressure and heart disease have established links with stress.Since we cannot remove stress from our lives(it would be unwise to do so even if we could),we need to find ways to deal with it.


1.People are finding less and less time for relaxing themselves because_____.

a.they do not know how to enjoy themselves

b.they do not believe that relaxation is important for health

c.they are travelling fast all the time

d.they are becoming busier with their work


2.According to the writer ,the most important character for a good manager is his ________.

a.not fearing stress

b.knowing the art of relaxation

c.high sense of responsibility

d.having control over performance


3.Which of the follwing statements is ture?

a.We can find some ways to avoid stress

b.Stress is always harmful to people

c.It is easy to change the hagit of keeping oneself busy with work.

d.Different people can withstand different amounts of stress


4.In Paragraph 3, "such a reaction" refers back to_______.

a."making a choice between 'flight' or 'fight'"

b."reaction to stress both chemically and physically"

c."responding to crises quickly"

d."losing heart at the signs difficulties"


5.In the last sentence of the passage,"do so " refers to ______.

a."expose ourselves to stress"

b."find ways to deal with stress"

c."remove stress from our lives"

d."established links between diseases and stress"



第二部分   综合知识测试


一、              常识考查:


1.关于宇宙的起源,最具代表性、影响最大的理论是(  )。

A. 黑洞理论B. 大爆炸理论C. 暗物质学说D. 能力守恒定律

2. 《民事诉讼法》规定起诉必须符合一定的条件,其中不包括(  )。

A. 属于受诉人民法院管辖B. 有明确的被告C. 具体的诉讼请示D. 有充分确凿的证据

3.个体户崔某为使自己的劣质酱油能在某超市上柜,为超市部门主管汤某安排了一次全家境外游,并为汤某的儿子入学缴纳了3万元的赞助费。在反不正当竞争法中,这一行为属于(  )。

A. 混淆行为B. 虚假宣传行为C. 独占排挤行为D. 商业贿赂行为

4.国际收支平衡表是在一定时期内,一国居民对其他国家的居民所进行的全部经济贸易的系统记录。国际收支平衡表最基本的项目是(  )。

A. 资本项目B. 经常项目C. 关税项目D. 金融项目

5.科学发展观的基本要求是(  )。

A. 加强党的建设B. 联系实际C. 全面协调可持续D. 民主法制建设



6.根据《行政处罚法》的规定,违法行为在一定期限内未被发现的,不再给予行政处罚。该期限是(  )。

A. 6个月B. 1年C. 1年半D. 2年

7.科学共产主义诞生的标志是(  )。

A. 英国工人制定《人民宪章》B. 共产主义通讯委员会建立C. 共产主义者同盟建立D. 《共产党宣言》发表

8.毛泽东思想初步形成的重要标志是(  )。

A. 在分析中国社会各阶级的基础上,提出党在民主革命中的基本路线

B. 发表《星星之火,可以燎原》等著作,提出走“农村包围城市,武装夺取政权”的道路

C. 新民主主义革命总路线的形成D. 党的第七次全国代表大会的召开

9. 著作权自(  )之日起产生,并受法律保护。

A. 作品创作完成B. 向版权局提出申请C. 办理版权登记D. 经版权局核准登记并公告

10.李明同学说话喜欢引经据典,在下面几种情境讲话时,他引用的古诗恰当得体的一项是(  )。

A. 同学张华要到外地去上大学,李明给他送行时说:“‘与君离别意,同是宦游人,’张华你一人远走他 乡要多多珍重啊!”

B. 同学刘欣写作文时想找一句表现读书乐趣的名句,李明不假思索地说道:“这还不容易,‘谈笑有湾儒,往来无白丁’嘛!”

C. 李明和同学一起去春游,面对着满园盛开的梨花,他情不自禁地说道:“真可谓‘忽如一夜春风来,千树万树梨花开’,太美了!”

D. 李明的同桌张海学习上得过且过,不求甚解,李明意味深长地对他说:“‘学而不思则罔’,你可不熊总是浅尝辄止啊!”



















A.经济增长      B.充分就业     C.国际收支平衡     D.物价稳定


A.国内生产总值物价平减指数      B.GDP      C.生产者物价指数          D.消费者物价指数









A.贸易收支      B.国外投资     C.劳务输出     D.国外借款


A.消费      B.投资     C.私人消费     D.政府消费


A.三个,第一          B.三个,第三          C.二个,第二          D.三个,第二


A.货币资金融通      B.风险分散与风险管理          C.资源配置               D.经济调节





1. 可怕的饥饿、恐怖的瘟疫和残酷的______的江洋大盗,像无情的鞭子,抽打着差不多已经奄奄一息的农民。


    A. 杀人如麻    B. 杀气腾腾

    C. 为非作歹    D. 杀人越货


2. 帕金森氏症的______尚不清楚,但其症状源于制造多巴胺的大脑细胞等神经细胞的退化。在北美、欧洲和澳大利亚的医学中心进行的临床______表明,“大脑定速器”显著改善了帕金森氏症重症患者的运动控制能力和灵活性。


    A. 起因    实验    B. 原因    实验

    C. 起因    试验    D. 原因    试验


3. 在民族仇恨的______下,虽然经过国际社会多次______,冲突双方的紧张局势不但没有得到缓和,反而愈演愈烈。


    A. 驱使     调解    B. 驱动     调解

    C. 驱使     斡旋    D. 驱动     斡旋


4. 吉林长白山是个20多万公顷的林区,植被没有经受太大的______,从山岩裸露、白雪皑皑的山巅,到针阔混交、林木遮天的山岭,十分明显的植被垂直带变化,没有夹杂人为的______。


    A. 干涉     足迹    B. 干扰     痕迹

    C. 干涉     痕迹    D. 干扰     足迹


5. 网络文化对人类一切既有的生存方式、制度规范、思维方式和价值观念带来巨大的冲击,______现行网络文化的严重问题,我们面临的任务不仅在于狭义网络文化的问题及其不良社会影响,而且要主动出击,建设好广义网络文化。


    A. 反思     制止    B. 反思     克服

    C. 回想     制止    D. 回想     克服


1. D 解析:“杀人越货”专指杀人并抢夺财物的盗匪行径,在这里修饰江洋大盗最为恰当。其他三项均无抢夺财物之意,没有点出盗匪的本质。

2. C 解析:“起因”比“原因”更为强调开始阶段,符合题意。实验:为了检验某种科学理论或假设而进行某种操作或从事某种活动;试验:为了察看某事的结果或某物的性能而从事某种活动。根据题干所述应选“试验”。

 3. C 解析:驱动:施加外力,使动起来;驱使:强迫人按照自己的意志行动。后者符合题意。“斡旋”专用于外交辞令,比“调解”更正式。

4. B 解析:干扰:扰乱,打扰;干涉:过问或制止。主语为“植被”,用“干扰”才符合题意。“痕迹”比“足迹”的范围更广、更能说明人类没有干扰该区域。

5. B 解析:“反思”比“回想”的感情色彩更浓,从句意来看,修饰的是“严重问题”,与“反思”搭配。“克服”与“问题”搭配恰当,而“制止”与“问题”搭配不当,制止多用于阻止某种行为。


 6. ①社会实践的继续,使人们在实践中引起感觉和印象的东西____出现,于是人们头脑里便发生了一个认识过程中的突变,产生了概念。




  A. 反复 搜集 庇护 B. 反复 收集 庇佑 C. 重复 收集 庇护 D. 重复 搜集 庇佑


7. ①税务部门出售的发票是严格按照国家的政策法规执行的,价格由国家物价部门统一____。




  A. 商定 作客 试验 B. 核定 作客 实验 C. 核定 做客 试验 D. 商定 做客 实验


8. ①早在“八五”期间就列为国家重点规划项目的《现代汉语规范词典》编纂工程,经过语言专家们11年的努力终于____,该词典将在最近出版发行。




  A. 告罄 调和 寄于 B. 告竣 整合 寄予 C. 告竣 整合 寄于 D. 告罄 调和 寄予


9. 陆缘海边的天然气____起来十分困难,至今尚没有非常成熟的____和开发的技术,一旦发生井喷事故,就会造成海水汽化,发生海啸翻船。


  A. 开发 勘探 B. 开发 探测 C. 开采 探测 D. 开采 勘探


10. 茶作为饮料在我国已有两千多年的历史,茶叶由山茶科的一种灌木的嫩叶经发酵____或烘烤而成,是中国人民对世界的一大贡献。


  A. 晾晒 B. 焙制 C. 风干 D. 晒干


6. A【解析】“反复”是指一遍又一遍,“重复”是指又一次出现,第一句强调的是一遍又一遍地出现,所以应该是“反复”;“搜集”是指到处寻找(事物)并聚集在一起,“收集”是指使聚集在一起,这里强调的是千辛万苦地到处寻找并聚集在一起,所以应为“搜集”;“庇护”指袒护、保护,“庇佑”是指保佑,可见“庇护”符合句意。故选A。

7. B【解析】“核定”是指核对审定,“商定”是指商量决定,物价部门规定发票价格的过程应为“核定”,排除A、D;“作客”是指寄居在别处,“做客”是指访问别人,自己当客人,根据句意显然应该填“作客”,排除C。故选B。

8. C【解析】“告罄”是指财务用完或货物售完,“告竣”是指宣告事情完毕,所以第一个空缺处应为“告竣”。“调和”是指掺和并搅拌,或指排解纠纷,使双方重归于好,“整合”是指通过整顿、协调进行重新组合,可见第二个空缺处应为“整合”。“寄于”后跟人,“寄予”后跟抽象的事物,所以第三个空缺处为“寄于”。故选C。

9. D【解析】联系前后句,后句说没有成熟的开发技术,所以前句应为开采天然气。

10. B【解析】焙制是用火微烘,一种制造茶叶的方法,其余词语都不适合。


11.真正的好文章,一定要鲜明而有力地拥护那应当拥护的东西,同时也一定要鲜明而有力地反对那应当反对的东西。这才会是生气勃勃的好文章。这段话直接支持了这样一种观点,即:(   )。

A: 真正的好文章有两条衡量标准        B: 真正的好文章应爱憎分明

C: 写好文章的人应该知道每件事的好坏标准   D: 真正的好文章应有鲜明而正确的观点

12.在职攻读博士学位,是近年来在中央国家机关中青年公务员中出现的新现象。据了解,今年这种趋向在往年已较热的基础上,又出现了明显升温的势头。对这段话最准确的复述是:(   )。

A: 国家机关青年公务员在职攻读博士学位是一种新现象        B: 国家机关青年公务员“攻博热”已有几年的历史

C: 国家机关青年公务员“攻博热”继续升温   D: 在职攻读博士学位,成为国家机关青年公务员追求的新事物


13:当前,一些单位、部门只收费不办事,或收了费没办好事,有的甚至把乱收费获得的资金用来盖住宅、盖办公大楼、购小汽车、发奖金、大吃大喝等等。乱收费的不正之风严重腐蚀人们的思想,而且使一部分干部掉进违纪、犯罪的深渊。这段话直接支持了这样一种观点,即乱收费(   )。

A: 实质是以权谋私        B: 容易产生腐败

C: 影响党和政府与人民群众的关系   D: 干扰国民经济的健康发展

14:1995年11月4日晚,为世人所熟悉的以色列总理拉宾在特拉维夫市的10万人大集会上演讲完毕,当他正要抬腿上车时,三颗罪恶的子弹射向了这位73岁的老人。对这段话最准确的复述是:(   )。

A: 拉宾遇害,享年73岁      B: 拉宾在10万人大集会时遇刺身亡,享年73岁

C: 拉宾在特拉维夫的一次集会上遇害,享年73岁 D: 1995年11月24日,拉宾在特拉维夫的一次集会遇害,享年73岁

15:农业部负责人日前提出:明年开始全国各地将从四个方面实施新一轮的“菜篮子工程”。对这段话最准确的复述是:(   )。

A: 农业部负责人提出新一轮“菜篮子工程”计划   B: 全国各地新一轮“菜篮子工程”明年启动

C: 新一轮“菜篮子工程”包括四个方面的内容        D: 农业部从四个方面对新一轮“菜篮子工程”提出了要求


11.答案: D       

12.答案: C       

13.答案: A

14.答案: D

15.答案: B        


16:杰出的数学家陈景润研究哥德巴赫猜想,昼夜不舍,数十年如一日。著名的作家姚雪垠,每天凌晨3时起床,奋笔写作,下午则读书,研究史料,每天工作十多个小时。女青年张文淑,把全部业余时间用于中国医学、中医学、皮肤科病的自学,成了医治皮肤病的专家。这段话直接支持了这样一个论点,即:(   )。

A: 陈景润、姚雪垠、张文淑研究的领域不同   B: 陈景润、姚雪垠、张文淑研究的方法不一样

C: 凡有成就的人都是靠自己刻苦努力、专心钻研成才的        D: 陈景润、姚雪垠、张文淑的工作习惯不同


17:花儿为什么这样红?最后要归功于人工选择。自然选择进程缓慢,需要经过很长时间才能显示它的作用,人工选择大大加快了它的进程,能够在较短的时间内取得显著成果。人工栽培的历史仅二三百年,却已有上千种形状、颜色不同的品种。这段话直接支持了这样一种观点,即:(   )。

A: 人工栽培的历史虽短,却成就非凡        B: 自然选择没有人工选择好

C: 人工选择能使花的颜色更红   D: 人工选择加快了花的变化进程

18:随着物理学、化学、数学向生物学渗透,许多有远见的物理学家、化学家、数学家纷纷转向生物学课题的研究,使生物学飞速发展。遗传物质脱氧核糖核酸(即“DNA”)“双螺旋结构模型”的提出,是一个很典型的例证。这段话直接支持了这样一种观点,即:(   )。

A: 多种学科向生物学科的渗透,促进了生物学的飞速发展   B: 生物学成了许多有远见的物理学家、化学家、数学家热衷研究的学科

C: 遗传物质脱氧核糖核酸“双螺旋结构模型”的提出是物理学家、化学家和数学家的功劳   D: 遗传物质脱氧核糖核酸“双螺旋结构模型”的提出,证明现代社会缺少一流的生物学家


19:蟋蟀的听觉系统,由耳朵、充气的管道和通气孔组成。由于蟋蟀的左右耳朵相互连着,而且耳朵又与通气孔相连,所以外界的声音可以从三条渠道中任意一条进入耳朵。蟋蟀就是利用左耳和右耳对来自不同位置的声源响应时间差定声源位置的。这段话直接支持了这样一种观点,即:(   )。

A: 蟋蟀的听觉系统很特别   B: 外界的声音有三条渠道进入蟋蟀耳朵

C: 蟋蟀通过听觉系统探测出声源的位置   D: 蟋蟀的耳朵有很多功能


20:本人不是追星族。并非因为觉得追星泯灭自我,盲目幼稚,丢人现眼,而是生性愚钝,早没了那“雅性”;如今的电影电视,有几部是值得从头看到底的?如今的歌坛,又有几支曲子能动人心魄,长留于世,放眼迷乱的星座,哪来让人顶礼膜拜的“星”?即使有,也难保不像昔日的那些“大腕”,一旦有点“灿烂”,则就出国的出国,嫁洋人的嫁洋人,偷税的偷税。我等百姓脸上,何曾增加半丝的荣光!这段话主要支持了这样一种论点,即:(   )。

A: 作者不是追星族        B: 眼下的“星”们实在不值得追

C: 眼下没有真正的“星”   D: “星”们没有为老百姓争光

16.答案: C       

17.答案: D

18.答案: A       

19.答案: C       

20.答案: B




1. 256 ,269 ,286 ,302 ,( )

   A.254  B.307  C.294  D.316   


2. 72 , 36 , 24 , 18 , (  )

   A.12    B.16   C.14.4   D.16.4


3. 8 , 10 , 14 , 18 ,( )        

A. 24    B. 32      C. 26     D. 20


4. 3 , 11 , 13 , 29 , 31 ,( )     

A.52    B.53      C.54     D.55


5. -2/5,1/5,-8/750,( )。

A 11/375   B 9/375   C 7/375   D 8/375


1.解析B: 2+5+6=13   256+13=269   

          2+6+9=17   269+17=286

2+8+6=16   286+16=302



   72     36      24      18

    \    /  \     /  \    /

    2/1    3/2     4/3  (分子与分母相差1且前一项的分子是后一项的分母)

接下来貌似该轮到5/4,而18/14.4=5/4. 选C





5.解析A: -2/5,1/5,-8/750,11/375=>


分子 4、1、8、11=>头尾相减=>7、7

分母 -10、5、-750、375=>分2组(-10,5)、(-750,375)=>每组第二项除以第一项=>-1/2,-1/2






6. 甲、乙两瓶酒精溶液分别重300克和120克;甲中含酒精120克,乙中含酒精90克。问从两瓶中应各取出多少克才能兑成浓度为50%的酒精溶液140克?

A.甲100克, 乙 40克   B.甲90克, 乙50克

C.甲110克, 乙30克    D.甲70克, 乙70克


7. 在一条马路的两旁植树,每隔3米植一棵,植到头还剩3棵;每隔2.5米植一棵,植到头还缺少37棵,求这条马路的长度。

     A.300米      B.297米

     C.600米      D.597米


8. 在一场象棋循环赛中,每位棋手必须和其他棋手对奕一局,且同一对棋手只奕一次。这次比赛共弈了36局棋,问棋手共有几位?

      A.6        B. 7

      C. 8        D. 9


9. 某班有35个学生,每个学生至少参加英语小组、语文小组、数学小组中的一个课外活动小组。现已知参加英语小组的有17人,参加语文小组的有30人,参加数学小组的有13人。如果有5个学生三个小组全参加了,问有多少个学生只参加了一个小组?

A.15人          B.16人         C.17人          D.18人


10. 若干学生住若干房间,如果每间住4人,则有20人没地方住,如果每间住8人,则有一间只有4人住,问共有多少学生?

A.30人     B.34人     C.40人     D.44人


解析:甲的浓度=(120/300) ×100%=40%,乙的浓度=(90/120) ×100%=75%


溶质不变=>x×40%+(140-x) ×75%=50%×140=>x=100


7.解析:设路长X 2×X/3+2+3=2×X/2.5+2-37,得X=300


根据数学公式(X-1)×<(X-1)+1>/2=36 X=9









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