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第一部分 英语能力测试(限时60分钟)



1.  This ticket ______ you to a free boat tour on the lake.

A) entitles B) appoints

C) grants   D) credits


2.  This is the nurse who ______ to me when I was ill in hospital.

A) accompanied  B) attended

C) entertained  D) shielded


3.  I was about to ______ a match when I remembered Tom’s warning.

A) rub  B) hit

C) scrape   D) strike


4.  The advertisement says this material doesn’t ______ in the wash, but it has.

A) contract B) shrink

C) slim D) dissolve


5.  He was proud of being chosen to participate in the game and he ______ us that he would try as hard as possible.

A) insured  B) guaranteed

C) assumed  D) assured

1.B    2.D    3.B    4.C    5.C


6.  Not only the professionals but also the amateurs will ______ from the new training facilities.

A) derive   B) acquire

C) benefit  D) reward


7.  The work was almost complete when we received orders to ______ no further with it.

A) progress B) proceed

C) march    D) promote


8.  I waited for him half an hour, but he never ______.

A) turned in    B) turned down

C) turned off   D) turned up


9.  A house with a dangerous gas ______ can be broken into immediately.

A) leak B) split

C) mess D) crack


10. A dark suit is ______ to a light one for evening wear.

A) favourable   B) suitable

C) preferable   D) proper

6.B    7.D   8.C   9.A   10.B


11. It was in the United States that I made the ______ of professor Jones.

A) acknowledgement  B) acquaintance

C) recognition  D) association


12. Could you take a ______ sheet of paper and write your name at the top?

A) bare B) vacant

C) hollow   D) blank


13. A culture in which the citizens share similar religious beliefs and values is more likely to have laws that represent the wishes of its people than is a culture where citizens come from ______ backgrounds.

A) extensive    B) influential

C) diverse  D) identical


14. Areas where students have particular difficulty have been treated ______ particular care.

A) by   B) in

C) under    D) with


15. He gave a ______ to handle the affairs in a friendly manner.

A) pledge   B) mission

C) plunge   D) motion


11.A   12.C   13.C   14.A   15.D


16. Don’t let the child play with scissors ______ he cuts himself.

A) in case  B) so that

C) now that D) only if


17. ______ the danger from enemy action, people had to cope with a severe shortage of food, clothing, fuel, and almost everything.

A) As far as    B) As long as

C) As well as   D) As soon as


18. Many people lost their jobs during the business ______.

A) desperation  B) decrease

C) despair  D) depression


19. Whenever a big company ______ a small one, the product almost always gets worse.

A) gets on with B) cuts down

C) takes over   D) puts up with


20. Mr. Smith was the only witness who said that the fire was ______.

A) mature   B) deliberate

C) meaningful   D) innocent

16.B   17.D  18.A  19.D  20.C





In most countries, the law on organ transplantation(器官移植) is poorly defined. The existing framework 【B1】 to physical assault and care of the dead has no 【B2】 for organ transplantation. It is 【B3】 to get the permission of the relatives, 【B4】 because organ 【B5】 must take place immediately after death, it may be impossible to reach the relatives 【B6】 time. It has been suggested that there should be a widespread campaign to encourage persons to 【B7】 in their wills that their organs be used for transplantation. An 【B8】 is to provide by law that permission is 【B9】 unless removal has been forbidden by the individual in his lifetime. It is, of course, important that there 【B10】 public reassurance that consideration of transplantation would not 【B11】 normal resuscitative(抢救的) efforts of the 【B12】 donor. Transplantation has obviously 【B13】 important ethical considerations 【B14】 the diagnosis of death. Every effort must be made to 【B15】 the heartbeat to someone who has a sudden cardiac arrest(心博停止) or 【B16】 to someone who cannot breathe. 【B17】 artificial respiration and massage of the heart, the standard methods of resuscitation, must be continued 【B18】 it is clear that the brain is dead. Most physicians consider that 【B19】 this point efforts at resuscitation are 【B20】 .


A relating

B associated

C associating

D related


A description

B provision

C rule

D statement



A impossible

B vital

C ritual

D customary



A and

B or

C but

D then



A replacement

B transplantation

C removal

D burial









A at

B in

C on

D within


A say

B provide

C supply

D mention


A alteration

B operation

C option

D alternative


A gained

B acquired

C assumed

D got



A is

B be

C are

D would be

6.答案:B固定搭配题。句中in time构成固定搭配。意为“及时”。句子的意思是“可能不能及时联系到家属”,选项中on time也构成固定搭配,但意思是按时,不合句意,因此正确答案为B。






10.答案:B语法知识题。本题考查虚拟语气的用法,在it is important that的从句中要用虚拟语气,谓语动词应用should+do的形式,而should可以省略.由此可知本题的正确答案为be。




A impair

B repair

C harm

D hurt


A future

B tomorrow

C potential

D possible


A rose

B aroused

C arose

D raised



A concerning

B concerned

C relating

D associating


A give

B restore

C lend

D help




 13.答案:D语义干扰题。分析句子结构可知.空白处所填单词为及物动词,与important ethical considerations(重要的道德考虑)搭配,A)rose常作不及物动词,不合本句结构;B)aroused为及物动词,意为“唤醒,唤起”,不合句意;C)arose为不及物动词,意为“引起,源自”;D)raised为及物动词,意为“提出,引起”,符合题意和句子结构,为正确答案。





A breath

B respiring

C breathing

D air



A In contrast

B In addition

C Consequently

D However



A that

B until

C when

D since


A on

B in

C at

D beyond



A promising

B profitable

C useless

D worthy


17.答案:B语篇理解题。本题考查上下文之间的逻辑关系。上文中提到要尽一切努力恢复病人的心跳和呼吸,下文中叙述了人工呼吸、按摩心脏等标准的抢救方法应该一直进行,直到确定病人的脑死亡,显然上下文之间是补充关系,选项A)In contrast表示对比关系;B)In addition表示补充关系;C)Consequently表示因果关系;D)However表示转折关系,因此正确答案为B。







1、The Colonel ask Ashenden a good many questions and then suggested that he had particular qualifications for the Secret Service. Ashenden knew several European languages and the fact that he was a writer provided excellent cover: on the pretext that he was writing a book he could, without attracting attention, visit any neutral country.

   It was while they were discussing this point that the Colonel said,"You know you might get material that would be very useful to you in your work. I'll tell you an incident that occurred only recently. Very dramatic. A foreign government minister went down to a Mediterranean resort to fecover from a cold and he had some very important documents with him that he kept in a despatchcase.

   "A day or two after he arrived, he picked up a blonde at some restaurant or other, and he got very friendly with her. He took her back to his hotel, and when he came to himself in the morning the lady and the despatch-case had disappeared. They had one or two drinks up in his room and his theory is that when his back was turned the woman slipped a drug in his glass."

    "Do you mean to say that happened the other day?"said Ashenden wearily.

    "The week before last."

    "Impossible,"cried Ashenden. "Why, we've been putting that incident on the stage for sixty years, we've written it in a thousand novels. Do you mean to say that life has only just caught up with us?"

"Well, I can vouch for the truth of the story." said the Colonel, "And believe me, the government concerned has been put to no end of trouble by the loss of the documents."

    "Well sir, if you can't do better than that in the Secret Service," sighed Ashenden, "that I'm afraid that as a source of inspiration to the writer of fiction, it's washout."


1.How did the Colonel suggest that Ashenden's being a writer would relate to his work as a spy?

a.It would make travelling abroad more possible.

b.It would make it easier for him to meet people.

c.It would enable him to avoid arousing suspicion.

d.It would enable him to use the languages he knew.


2.The reason for the Minister's trip was ________ .

a.to fetch some documents

b.to get over an illness

c.to meet a spy

d.to deliver some papers


3.According to the Colonel the incident happened _______ .

a.a few days before

b.a few weeks before

c.two weeks before

d.sixty years before


4.Ashenden cried 'Impossible' after hearing the Colonel's story because he thought ______ .

a.it could not possibly happen

b.it was too embarrassing

c.it was too close to fiction

d.it was too recent


5.The effect of the loss of documents on the foreign government was that _______ .

a.it put an end to one source of trouble

b.it caused them a lot of inconvenience

c.they merely denied it had happened

d.they refused to believe it



2、"Culture shock" occurs as result of total immersion in a new culture.It happens to "people who have been suddenly transplanted abroad."Newcomers may be anxious because they do not speak the language,know the customs,or understand people's behavior in daily life.The visitor finds that "yes" may not always mean "yes",that friendliness does not necessarily mean friendship,or that statements that appear to be serious are really intended as jokes.The foreigner may be unsure as to when to shake hands,when to start conversations,or how to approach a stranger.The notion of "culture shock" helps explain feelings of bewilderment and disorientation.Language problems do not account for all the frustrations that people feel.When one is deprived of everything that was once familiar,such as understanding a transportation system, knowing how to register for university classes,or knowing how to make friends,difficulties in coping whth the new society may arise.

  "...when an individual enters a strange culture,he or she is like fish out of water."Newcomers feel at times that they do not belong to and feel alienated from the native members of the culture.When this happens visitors may want to reject everything about the new environment and may glorify and exaggerate the positive aspects of their own culture.Conversely visitors may scorn their native country by rejecting its values and instead choosing to identify with(if only temporatily)the value of the new country.This may occur as an attempt to over-identify with the new culture in order to be accepted by the people in it.


1.The expression "he or she is like fish out of water"suggests ______.

a.people away from their cultures can hardly survive in a new culture

b.a fish can not survive without water

c.people away from their culture experience mental isolation

d.people away from their culture have difficulties in new environment 


2.In order to identify with the new environment,some people may ______.

a.give an exaggerated picture of their own country

b.criticize the positive aspects of their own county

c.abandon their original beliefsd.accept a temporary set of values 


3.Which of the following statements is true according to the author?

a.Perplexity results in culture shock.

b.A typical symptom of cultur shock is confusion.

c.Culture shock is the explanation of anxiety.

d.Culture shock happens to foreign students only.


4.Newcomer may worry about ______.

a.their ignorance of the alien customs

b.their knowledge of "Yes" in the native language

c.their understanding of friendship

d.their control of their behavior


5.When the foreign visitor is immersed in new problems he finds hard to cope whith,he is most likely to feel ______.








3、The orange towers of the Golden Gate Bridge--probably the most beautiful,certainly the most photographed bridge in the world--are visible from almost every point of elevation in San Francisco. The only crack in Northern California's 600-mile continental wall,for years this mile-wide strait was considered unbridgeable. As much an architectural as an engineering feat, the Golden Gate took only 52 months to design and build, and was opened in 1937. Designed by Joseph Strauss, it was the first really massive suspension bridge,with a span of 4,200ft, and until 1959 ranked as the world's longest. It connects the city at its northwesterly point on the peninsula to Marin County and Northern California, rendering the hitherto essential ferry crossing redundant, and was designed to withstand winds of up to a hundred miles an hour and to swing as much as 27 ft. Handsome on a clear day, the bridge takes on an eerie(神秘的) quality when the thick white fogs pour in and hide it almost completely.

  You can either drive or walk across. The drive is the more thrilling of the two options as you race under the bridge's towers, but the half-hour walk across it really gives you time to take in its enormous size and absorb the views of the city behind you and the headlands of Northern California straight ahead. Pause at the midway point and consider the seven or so suicides a month who choose this spot,260 ft up, as their jumping-off spot. Monitors of such events speculate that victims always face the city before they leap.In 1995, when the suicide toll from the bridge had reached almost 1,000,police kept the figures quiet to avoid a rush of would-be suicides going for the dubious distinction of being the thousandth person to leap.

  Perhaps the best loved symbol of San Francisco, in 1987 the Golden Gate proved an auspicious place(风水宝地) for a sunrise party when crowds gathered to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary. Some quarter of a million people turned up (a third of the city's entire population); the winds were strong and huge numbers caused the bridge to buckle(使弯曲), but fortunately not to break.


1. What is TURE of the Golden Gate Bridge?

A. It is certainly the world's most beautiful bridge.

B. It is far from San Francisco.

C. It is a feat neither architecturally nor engineeringly before 1960.  

D.It was the world longest bridge.


2. What do you know further about the Golden Gate Bridge?

  A. It is over a strait where no bridge could have been built before the 1930s.

  B. It is the first massive bridge designed by Joseph Strauss.

C. It appears while in the thick white fogs.  

D. It connects Marin Country with Northern California.


3. Of the two exercises, the drive over the bridge is more _________.

  A. interesting   B. fascinating  C. inviting D. exciting


4. Those who attempt to suicide often jump from the midway point of the bridge probably because_________.

A. they want to die quietly

B. they want to die quickly

C. they want to take a glance at the bridge's towers

D. they want to take a glance at San Francisco


5. What would be the best title for the text?

A. The World's Most Beautiful Bridge

B. The World's Most Photographed Bridge

C. The World's First Suspension Bridge

D.The Golden Gate Bridge



4、A naked mole rat colony, like a beehive, wasp’s nest, or termite mound(防蚁丘), is ruled by its queen, or reproducing female. Other adult female mole rats neither ovulate(排卵) nor breed. The queen of the largest member of the colony, and she maintains her breeding status through a mixture of behavioral and, presumably, chemical control. Queens have been long-lived in captivity, and when they die or are removed from a colony one sees violent fighting for breeding status among the larger remaining females, leading to a takeover by a new queen.

  Eusocial(群居的) insect societies have rigid caste(等级的) systems, each insect’s role being defined by its behavior, body shape, and physiology. In naked mole rat societies, on the other hand, differences in behavior are related primarily to reproductive status (reproduction being limited to the queen and a few males), body size, and perhaps age. Smaller non-breeding members, both male and female, seem to participate primarily in gathering food, transporting nest material, and tunneling, Larger non-breeders are active in defending the colony and perhaps in removing dirt from the tunnels. One work has suggested that differences in growth rates may influence the length of time that an individual performs a task, regardless of its age.

  Cooperative breeding has evolved many times in vertebrates(脊椎动物), but unlike naked mole rats, most cooperatively breeding vertebrates(except the wild dog, Lycaon pictus) are dominated by a pair of breeders rather than by a single breeding female. The division of labor within social groups is less pronounced among other vertebrates than among naked mole rats, colony size is much smaller, and mating by subordinate females may not be totally suppressed, whereas in naked mole rat colonies subordinate females are not sexually active, and many never breed.


1. Which of the following most accurately states the main idea of the passage?

  A. Naked mole rat colonies exhibit social organization based on a rigid caste system.

  B. Behavior in naked mole rat colonies may well be a close vertebrate analogue to behavior in eusocial insect societies.

  C. The mating habits of naked mole rats differ from those of any other vertebrate species.

  D. Naked mole rat colonies are the only known examples of cooperatively breeding vertebrate societies.


2. According to the passage, the following explanatory variables accounts for naked mole rat behavior EXCEPT_________

  A. age B. size C. growth rate D. reproductive status


3. In which of the following ways does the performance of tasks in naked mole rat colonies differ from task performance in eusocial insect societies?

  A. In naked mole rat colonies, all tasks are performed cooperatively.

  B. In eusocial insect societies, reproduction is limited to a single female.

  C. In naked mole rat colonies, breeding is limited to the largest animals.

  D. In naked mole rat colonies, the performance of tasks is less rigidly determined by body shape.


4. Which of the following is a supposition rather than a fact concerning the queen in a naked mole rat colony?

A. She exerts chemical control over the colony. 

B. She is the largest member of the colony.

C. She mates with more than one male. 

D. She is the only breeding female.


5. What can you infer from the passage about breeding among Lyeaon pictus?

  A. An individual’s ability to breed is related primarily to its rate of growth.

  B. Breeding is the only task performed by the breeding female.

C. Breeding in the social group is not cooperative.  

D. Breeding is not dominated by a single pair of dogs



第二部分 综合能力测试(限时60分钟)


一、 经济常识题(每题1分,共20题)


1.  假设一国货币供给量为18亿元,基础货币为6亿元,则该国的货币乘数为(   )。

A.2   B.3

C.4   D.6

答案:B [解析]货币乘数=货币供给/基础货币=18/6=3


2.  下列资产中,商业银行随时可以调度、使用的资金头寸是(  )。

A.法定存款准备金  B.派生存款

C.超额准备金      D.原始存款




3.  基础货币与货币供给量之间的关系是(  )。

A.基础货币量>货币供给量   B.基础货币量<货币供给量

C.基础货币量=货币供给量   D.基础货币量≥货币供给量




4.  股份公司在某个财务年度内的盈余不足以支付规定的股利时,必须在以后盈利较多的年度如数补足过去所欠股利。这种股票是(  )。

A.普通股票      B.累积优先股

C.非累积优先股  D.不参加分配优先股

答案:B  [解析]本题考查累计优先股的概念。


5.  商业信用是企业之间进行商品交易时提供的信用,除分期付款、委托代销、预付货款外,还包括(  )。

A.消费贷款   B.赊销商品

C.抵押贷款   D.质押贷款

答案:B  [解析]商业信用的具体方式很多,如赊销商品、委托代销、分期付款、预付货款及补偿贸易等。


6.  三种证券组成一个投资组合,在投资组合中所占投资权重各为30%、20%、50%,且各自的预期收益率相对应为10%、15%、20%,这个投资组合的预期收益率是(   )。

A.10%   B.12%

C.16%   D.20%

答案:C [解析]30%×10% +20%×15%+50%×20%=16%


7.  某债券面值100元,每年按5元付息,10年还本,则其名义收益率是(  )。

A.2%  B.4%

C.5%  D.10%


答案:C [解析]名义收益率=票面收益/票面金额=5/100=5%


8.  马科维茨认为在同一期望收益前提下,最为有效的投资组合(   )。

A.实际收益高  B.实际收益低

C.风险较高    D.风险最小

答案:D [解析]马科维茨认为在同一风险水平前提下,高收益率的投资组合最为有效;在同一期望收益前提下,低风险的投资组合最为有效。

共有 53 道题目